Wickes, once owned by Travis Perkins is one of the largest DIY brands in the UK

My involvement with Wickes focused on improving the frequency and accuracy of their website code release/deployments and scrutinising the operational efficiency of the website and supporting infrastructure.

In terms of front end development I was key player in thier program of A/B experimentation with Monetate, working on projects such as site wide promotional messaging on individual products and the split testing of their new kitchen and bathrooms pages which required some bespoke development in Hybris


“Anthony helped me design my website building a few different templates to see which one I liked best. He was able to customise the site to my needs and kept working on it until I was happy. I can’t recommend Anthony enough, such a pleasure to work with and I’m ecstatic with the website I now have.”


Project Timeline: May 2015 – August 2017.

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